For an introvert, I sure talk a lot!

Converge US

I spoke about the evolution of design systems at Converge, zeroheight's design systems conference in San Francisco.

Slides and summary
Geri Reid on stage at Converge design systems conference in front of a slide showing a design tokens pipeline

Designing an accessible future

Watch my talk from WDC conference, applying the principles of WCAG 3 to some of the current visions of the future like Web3 and Humanity Centred Design.

Here's my talk and all the links

Geri on stage at WDC, speaking in front of a screen with a meme about WCAG guidelines

Design Ops Island Discs

I joined Luke Murphy live on the Design Ops Island Discs, to talk about my role as lead designer on design systems.

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Supernova accessibility panel

Fireside chat on using design systems to scale accessibility – with Lauren Beatty, Stéphanie Walter and Aprile Elcich from Supernova.

See the panel discussion and transcript  

Follow-up Q&A  

Scaling accessibility through design systems promo

What the DS?! podcast

New podcast klaxon! I joined Dan Donald and Dan Cork to chat about biscuits, burritos and the future of design systems.

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Design Systems Awards 2023

I'm honoured to join the panel of experts judging zeroheight's 2023 Design Systems Awards. The competition recognises exceptional design systems and the teams behind them.

Design Systems Awards  

Promo for the Design Systems Awards 2023 brought to you by zeroheight

Looking for a speaker?

I talk about my experience building, scaling and documenting design systems.

I also speak about accessibility and inclusion, through a design lens. I like to talk about accessibility at design and tech events where it is not always on the agenda.

Geri Reid on stage in front of a slide with a quote from Sheri Byrne-Haber that reads Good accessibility is about compliance, great accessibility is about empathy