Hi, Iā€™m Geri

I'm a design systems and accessibility consultant from London. I help organisations design inclusive digital products that are built to scale.

I write and speak about design.

Geri Reid, a white woman with mid-length dark hair, wearing a blue shirt and black jeans

I can help with

Writing technical docs

I am an experienced writer of design system component specifications and guidelines. Check out my work on NewsKit.

Writing policy and guidelines

I have written and co-created accessibility policies and guidelines, accessibility statements and inclusive language guides. All informed by internal research.

Design set up

It's important to build your design system on a solid foundation. I can map out a design token structure, suggest an accessible colour palette and a type scale that will scale across your system components.

Accessibility design reviews

Deque estimates that 67% of accessibility problems start in design. Identifying accessibility issues before designs go into production can save time and cost. I can review design work, troubleshoot problems and suggest improvements.

Component specs

I can produce component specifications and make sure your design aligns with code. Let me reduce engineering guesswork by annotating designs for accessibility: semantic structure, content, tab order, ARIA tags, colour use, state design and screen reader notes.

Kickstarting a digital accessibility program

I've helped large organisations get started with digital accessibility. I can create an accessibility strategy and roadmap, set goals and monitor progress.

Headshot of Geri Reid, a white woman with long dark hair, wearing a blue and white striped top, looking off to the side

About me

I've designed digital products for the past two decades.

As design and accessibility lead on NewsKit design system, I helped some of the UK's largest media and broadcast brands to design at scale. I was design lead on the Constellation design system at Lloyds Banking Group and set up design system foundations at Checkout.com and BPP. I'm currently working at Just Eat Takeaway as Lead Accessibility Specialist.

Over time, my design roles have become more strategic: planning, training and writing technical specs and docs. My work on systems has also made me a keen accessibility advocate. Through care and attention, I've learned how a design system can provide a solid foundation for product accessibility.