Hi, I’m Geri.

I'm a design and accessibility lead from London.
I make usable products, that scale.

About me

Recent talks

Converge US

I spoke about the evolution of design systems at Converge, zeroheight's design systems conference in San Francisco.

Slides and summary
Geri Reid at Converge US, 18 May 2023, San Francisco. A design systems conference by zeroheight

Designing an Accessible Future

Watch my talk from WDC conference, applying the principles of WCAG 3 to some of the current visions of the future like Web3 and Humanity Centred Design.

Here's my talk and all the links

Geri on stage at WDC, speaking in front of a screen with a meme about WCAG guidelines

Design Ops Island Discs

I joined Luke Murphy live on the Design Ops Island Discs, to talk about my role as lead designer on design systems.

Listen on Spotify

Watch on YouTube

Supernova accessibility panel

Fireside chat on using design systems to scale accessibility – with Lauren Beatty, Stéphanie Walter and Aprile Elcich from Supernova.

See the panel discussion and transcript

Follow-up Q&A

Scaling accessibility through design systems promo

What the DS?! podcast

New podcast klaxon! I joined Dan Donald and Dan Cork to chat about biscuits, burritos and the future of design systems.

Listen on Spotify


NewsKit design system

I'm currently lead designer on NewsKit, a multi-brand design system that feeds media and broadcast brands across News Corp. Brands include The Times, The Sun and The Wall Street Journal.

NewsKit case study

The Newskit logo

Lloyds Bank design system

I was the lead designer on the Constellation Design System at Lloyds, the UK’s largest retail bank. Here's how we took a product from small beginnings through to a multi-brand, multi-platform design system with an engaged community.

Constellation case study

5 things I learned building Constellation
Paper print outs of components from a Lloyds website


I’m a keen accessibility advocate, striving to make the web a more inclusive place for everyone. I've learned:

How to scale accessibility with a design system

How to write an accessibility statement
Website form components

Design club

I've run weekly design thinking workshops at a London secondary school. Read how I've worked with teams of 13 year-old girls to design an app.

Design Club case study
Photo of a student at a desk working on an app design

WCAG for designers

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) are a complex read. I've put together a checklist for designers.

WCAG design checklist

WCAG POUR cards (PDF, 758kb)
Graphic showing a colour contrast analyser

Form design

Designing for banks and fintechs taught me a lot about forms. Here's a repo of the research insights and guidance I've accumulated. It's still a work in progress.

Forms best practice
Photograph showing a woman using a form on a mobile phone, outside at a cafe table.

Halifax digital rebrand

I worked on the digital rebrand of Halifax. As the UI lead in the design systems team, I helped take the visual identity and make it work for digital. Here's what my awesome team made happen.

Halifax digital rebrand
Accessible form components on a screen

Checkout.com design system

I worked as Principal Product Designer on the foundations of Checkout's Infinity Design System. Here's how we structured a design token taxonomy (without getting component specific).

Design token taxonomy

Diagram showing a button component, annotated with design tokens

Design for startups

I've freelanced for a lot of small startups, often as creative side projects alongside my main gig. Here are some of my favourite UI layouts. Some are kind of old and dated but I've kept them here for nostalgia.

UI design projects
Photo of a man looking at an email on a phone screen

Hi there, it's nice to meet you.
I’m Geri, a product design lead from London.

I'm currently at News UK as design and accessibility lead on NewsKit design system. Prior to that, I was Principal on the Infinity design system at Checkout.com and before that, was design lead on Constellation, Lloyds Banking Group design system. Way back, I designed digital products at UBS and Bank of America.

I'm a massive form nerd and an accessibility advocate. I've learned how a design system can propagate accessible components at scale.

These days I’m more interested in a product that is inclusive than a product that looks pretty. My work wouldn't get any likes on Dribbble. But I hope it's helping our customers to make informed choices and hopefully in doing so, sleep a little sounder at night.

Be kind and take care of each other ♥️

Other stuff

  • I grew up in New Zealand and only pretend to be British.
  • I did a BA in digital design at UAL which is a fun place to study.
  • I'm currently studying for IAAP accessibility certification.
  • If you hear snoring in the background, it's Arthur 🐾

About this site

  • I've enjoyed building and maintaining this little site over the years. It's just straight up HTML/CSS/JS off a Bootstrap template I've customised. My coding skills are basic but an understanding of front-end has made me a better designer.
  • Typefaces are P22 Underground and Sailec. Please pay for fonts! They take a long time to make.

Photo of Geri Reid