Hi, I’m Geri.

I'm a UI & UX designer, working on design systems.
I design usable and accessible products, that scale.

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Recent projects


Lloyds Bank design system

I was the lead designer on the Constellation Design System at Lloyds, the UK’s largest retail bank. Here's how we took a product from small beginnings through to a multi-brand, multi-platform design system with an engaged community.

Constellation case study

5 things I learned building Constellation
Paper print outs of components from a Lloyds website

Checkout.com design system

I worked as Principal Product Designer on the foundations of Checkout's Infinity Design System. Here's how we structured a design token taxonomy (without getting component specific).

Design token taxonomy

Diagram showing a button component, annotated with design tokens


I’m a keen accessibility advocate, striving to make the web a friendlier place for everyone. I've worked with specialists at AbilityNet and the Digital Accessibility Centre and completed Deque University's curriculum. Recently, I've learned:

How to scale accessibility with a design system

How to write an accessibility statement
Website form components

Design club

I've run weekly design thinking workshops at a London secondary school. Read how I've worked with teams of 13 year-old girls to design an app.

Design Club case study
Photo of a student at a desk working on an app design

Halifax digital rebrand

I worked on the digital rebrand of Halifax. As the UI lead in the design systems team, I helped take the visual identity and make it work for digital. Here's what my awesome team made happen.

Halifax digital rebrand
Accessible form components on a screen

Form design

Designing for banks and fintechs has taught me a lot about forms. I'm getting together a repo of the research insights and guidance I've accumulated. It's still a work in progress.

Forms best practice
Photograph showing a woman using a form on a mobile phone, outside at a cafe table.

Design systems drop-in clinic

My team at Lloyds ran a weekly design systems drop-in clinic. Here's what I learned in running over 100 sessions.

Drop in clinic
Photo of a designer typing on a macbook

WCAG for designers

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) are a complex read. I've put together a checklist for designers.

WCAG design checklist
Graphic showing a colour contrast analyser

Design for Startups

I've freelanced for a lot of small startups, often as creative side projects alongside my main gig. Here are some of my favourite UI layouts.

UI design projects
Photo of a man looking at an email on a phone screen

Hi there, it's nice to meet you.
I’m Geri, a UI/UX designer from London.

I'm currently at News UK as Lead Designer on NewsKit design system. Prior to that, I was Principal on the Infinity design system at Checkout.com and before that, was design lead on Constellation, Lloyds Banking Group design system. Way back, I designed digital products at UBS and Bank of America.

I'm a massive form nerd and an accessibility advocate. I've learned how a design system can propagate accessible components at scale.

These days I’m more interested in a product that is inclusive than a product that looks pretty. My work wouldn't get any likes on Dribbble. But I hope it's helping our customers to make informed choices and hopefully in doing so, sleep a little sounder at night.

Be kind and take care of each other ♥️

Other stuff

  • I grew up in New Zealand and only pretend to be British.
  • I hold a BA in Digital Design from UAL with first class hons.

About this site

  • I've enjoyed building and maintaining this little site over the years. It's just straight up HTML/CSS/JS off a Bootstrap template I've customised. A basic understanding front-end code has made me a better designer.
  • Typefaces are P22 Underground and Sailec. Please pay for fonts! They take a long time to make.

Photo of Geri Reid