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  • Video explainer: What is a dApp? Decentralized Application on the Blockchain
    district0x Network
  • State of the dApp – definitive registry of dApp projects
  • Decentralized Versus Centralized Apps
    Neil Patel
  • What is a Dapp and How Do You Improve the Dapp User Experience?
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Web3 sceptics

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  • Designing Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility Into Web3
    Scott Clark
  • When Is web3 Going to Become More Accessible?
    Ricardo Diaz
  • My Thoughts on Accessibility of NFTs and Web3
    Crystal Preston-Watson
  • Talk: Why Diversity & Accessibility are important in Web3
  • Web3 has a user experience problem
    Scott McDonald
  • Web3 must learn from the past: People with disabilities are the largest untapped demographic
    Josh Basile, accessiBe
  • The Time is Now: Web3 Must Make Good on its Promise of Inclusivity
    Izzy Howell
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These are a load of links I've uncovered learning about Web3.
If you'd prefer me to remove a link, or have something interesting for me to read, give me a 👋 on Twitter @gerireid.

Geri Reid

I’m Geri, a UI and UX designer from London

I've spent the past 5 years working on design systems.

I'm currently at News UK as Lead Designer on NewsKit. Prior to that, I was Principal on the Infinity design system at Checkout.com and before that, was design lead on Constellation, Lloyds Banking Group design system. Way back, I designed digital products at UBS and Bank of America.

These days, I’m more interested in a product that is inclusive than a product that looks pretty. Be kind ♥️