Teaching kids to code is something I feel passionate about.

I have been running a Code Club at a primary school in Islington for the past 3 years - read more about my experiences here. Code Club is a not-for-profit whose mission is to give every child the chance to learn to code. They do this by providing project materials and a volunteering framework that supports the running of after-school coding clubs.

I was approached by Code Club to create some layouts for their international sites and I volunteered them a week of my design time.

  • Target audience:
    Code club founders outside the UK.
  • Design objectives:
    Create a template that Code Club founders in other countries can use to organise and grow Code Clubs in their country.

Country hub

While Code Club is for children, the aim of this site was to encourage grownups to volunteer. The club's bespoke illustrations create a memorable, fun and engaging brand.

Projects in different languages

Projects are in English but volunteers are encouraged to translate projects into their language.


Success stories in other countries to encourage signup.