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I’ve relaunched my blog with a focus on accessible and inclusive design.

Building the Constellation Design system

Over the past two years our team has built a design system for Lloyds Banking Group. It’s been an interesting journey; taking a product from small beginnings through to a multi-brand design system with an engaged community.

October 2019

Scaling accessibility with a design system 

This is the intro post in a series about my experience of designing accessible web components, then scaling their impact through a design system.

1. Make it perceivable

This post focuses on WCAG guideline 1.0: making the components in your design system perceivable. Perceivable means presenting information in a way that people can recognise your content, understand it and consume it in a way that suits them.

October 2019

Accessibility checklist for designers

An accessibility checklist of WCAG criteria I’m working on to help ensure the products I design can be used by as many people as possible.

September 2019

Take 5: Interview with How Do I open_in_new

How Do I is a clever platform that helps people with learning disabilities by linking video content to objects in homes and workplaces. We met at the London Accessibility meetup and I did an interview for their blog.

August 2019

Design Club: Meet the mentor open_in_new

I spoke to Design Club about my experience running an after-school design thinking session at a London secondary school.

March 2019