I’m not much of a joiner so I almost surprised myself when I bought a ticket to Mumsnet Blogfest. I added a blog to my site a couple of years ago, mainly as an exercise in SEO to drive more traffic to my portfolio. It did markedly increase traffic and on the personal side it provides a nice writing outlet, regardless of whether anyone out there is reading!

I digress – the speakers at Blogfest were fantastic from Miriam Gonzelez Durantes to the fabulously funny Caitlin Moran. Main takeaways for me were from social guru Paul Armstrong on making social media work for your blog. He had me hooked from this slide:

Tip! Sleep with a designer/photoshopper
It’s nice to see we designers are not completely redundant yet.

Paul presented some useful stats on the time UK users spend on the main social networks and user demographics. His main recommendation or “SEO crack” was Google+. Though still in its infancy it is linked to the mighty Google search and will help you get the most from your brand.

Social network stats
Source: Paul Armstrong, Mindshare

Another champion of Google+ was Matt Bennett from MEC Global who took a session on advanced SEO. He also advocated Google Authorship, where you can link content you publish on a specific domain to your Google+ profile. I will clearly need to spend this morning updating my presence on Google!

Brilliant day, I met a really diverse and interesting group of people and left feeling inspired. Have already signed up for next year, how’s that for joining in.

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