Hi I'm Geri, a freelance UI & UX designer* from London.

I help businesses to develop a contemporary brand identity and extend this into an intuitive and memorable website or app. My designs have:

To design something for you I need to get to know your business and its pain points. What problem is this design trying to solve? Who are your users - when, where and how will they use your product? How can we measure user engagement, test and refine over time? Ultimately, how does this make a difference to your bottom line? I do a lot of listening before making recommendations.

I believe good design is straightforward, honest and accessible. Good design solves problems and produces measurable results. Be prepared to see a lot of low-fi wireframes and user journeys before we get to the pretty stuff.

About me

With age and experience I’ve learned to ask the right questions. I’m a big advocate of skill-sharing, a STEMnet ambassador and I teach kids to code with Code Club. I earned my stripes at the University of the Arts London, graduating with a BA in Digital Media, first class hons.

I can help with...


User research

I start by looking at your target audience; age, demographics, needs, where they hang out. From here I create a series of user personas we can use to measure our design decisions against. Without user research, design decisions fall back to personal preferences. The 15 year old Snapchat addicts using your app won't necessarily be down with the things your CEO likes...

Visual identity

I can create you a memorable visual identity. Practically speaking: a logo, colour scheme, typography, icons and consistent brand style. In a crowded market it's your brand that will get you noticed, make you memorable and lend your product personality and credibility.


UX wireframes

Successful products are build on solid foundations. I map out your user journey on paper, then create clickable prototypes. We test and iterate.

Interface design

I design clean, contemporary, responsive website interfaces. I like to work in an iterative way, ideally testing on real users along the way. I produce designs using Sketch and Invision Craft allowing your developers to access CSS and graphic assets without leaving their browser. As I work I create a design system of re-usable assets that can be used to build future prototypes fast.

Test / Iterate

Launching your website or app is just the beginning of the journey. Site analytics can help us pivot, tweak and refine the design to drive your call-to-action.